*4 weeks until RPS Lexen Spring Fling*

Sunday was my first day back in my bench shirt as I get under 4 weeks till my meet. This day was doubles (all the way to chest), and I worked up to some rough-looking sets with 480lbs. I've been sick and feeling pretty run down in general lately, but I was making some bad technique mistakes too, not pushing back into my groove enough as I opened my elbows. Next week is board presses in my shirt so I'll be working on fixing some things from this week. My overall pressing strength feels good, and I've been getting stronger at all my raw and assistance work, so I'm confident if I can fix some of these technique issues my bench will come together for meet time. This point a few weeks before a meet is always a big mental battle for me, and right now I'm just focusing on doing what I'm supposed to do and not second guessing myself. Few more weeks and then it's game time.

A. Bench in Metal Ace - Doubles up to 480lbs


B1. Dumbbell Floor Press - 4x15 w/ 100lb dumbbells

B2. Seated Cable Row (Neutral Grip) - 4x10

C1. Seated Machine Shoulder Press - 4x10

C2. Medium Grip Lat Pulldown - 4x12

D1. Close Grip Bench w/ Shoulder Saver Pad - 4x10

D2. Hammer Curls - 4x20

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