Like I mentioned in a recent training log, I've been changing my bench rotation to be able to work in easily with Ted and Todd at the elitefts compound, and to give myself a break from going heavy every single week (which I did far too often). My assistance work varies, but I'm following the main bench rotation Todd suggested of  Speed Bench, Floor Press, then Shirted Bench (and it will change a little bit as my meet gets closer in these coming weeks). I kept the weight a little lower than normal on speed bench because my biceps tendon was acting up, which I think was in part from squatting Saturday. Speed Bench was followed by dumbbell pressing as supplementary movement, then other assistance work for shoulders, back, and biceps/triceps..

Bench Day @ Ohio University:

A1. Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns - 4x12

A2. Pushups - 4x20

B. Speed Bench vs. Doubled Mini Bands - 8x3 w/ 185+bands


C. Dumbbell Presses - 4x10 w/ 100 lb dumbbells

D1. Front Raise/Side Lateral/Rear Delt Flyes Giant Set w/ 20 lb dumbbells - 3x10 each direction

D2. Seated Plate Loaded Row - 3x12

E1. Spoon Presses - 4x20

E2. Dumbbell Curls - 4x15


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