*7 Weeks from the RPS Lexen Spring Fling*

Today was speed bench followed by incline dumbbell presses and a bunch of upper body volume. This is the first full week of the training Todd put together for me for my upcoming meet, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the next 6 weeks go. I also wrote out the rest of my training cycle on the whiteboard in my office, because obviously that's why it's there...

A. Isometrics for Warmup - Side Planks, Bird dog, Regular Plank - 3 rounds of 10 second each back to back.

B1. Lat Pulldowns wearing Metal Catapult - 6 sets of 10 reps

3 sets with neutral grip

3 sets with wide grip

B2. Pushups - 6x18

Using the Metal Catapult makes the last part of the pulldown movement more difficult and really makes you have to squeeze your shoulder blades down and together HARD. 

C. Speed Bench vs. Doubled Mini Bands - 8x3 w/ 205lbs


D1. Incline Dumbbell Presses - 4x10 w/ 100lb dumbbells

D2. Seated Cable Rows - 4x10

E1. Close Grip Pushups - 4x15

E2. Spoon Presses w/ Dumbbells - 4x12

F1. Hammer Curls - 3x12

F2. Face Pulls - 3x20


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