This was the 2nd week of the speed bench wave I'm doing vs doubled mini bands. I've noticed that it takes a few sets for me to move the weights quickly against the bands without my shoulder/pec acting up, so I've been trying to take a few more warm up sets before I start my speed work. Speed bench is followed by upper body pressing and pulling volume, and some high-rep assistance work.

A1. Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown - 4x12

A2. Pushups - 4x25

B. Speed Bench vs. Doubled Mini Bands (60 secs rest) - 7x3 w/ 215lbs, 1x3 w/ 225lbs.


C. Incline Dumbbell Press - 3x10, 1x12 w/ 100lb dumbbells

D1. Dumbbell Front/Side/Rear Raises - 3x15

D2. Seated Machine Row - 3x15

E1. Chin Ups - 3x10

E2. Tricep-focused pushups - 3x25

F1. Rolling Dumbbell Floor Extensions - 4x20

F2. EZ Bar Curls - 4x10 w/ slow eccentric.

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