Video: Speed Work & 5/3/1 Top Set for SSB Box Squats

..Continuing to chip away at weekend strength work. Doing the lighter speed sets leading up to the top 5/3/1 % set for box squat has been a good way to get everything primed up and moving (it usually takes a few sets to get good explosiveness and everything "woken up" for me).

Sunday - Speed & Strength for SQ/DL + Conditioning

A1. Reverse Hypers - 3x15

A2. Box Jumps - 3x3

B. Deadlifts - 3x1x415 & 465x9

C. SSB Box Squats - 8x2 + 1x6 ("1+" week)

D. 4 Trips on Farmer's Walks w. 225lbs per hand

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