On Saturday Mario, Mickey Belaineh, Yessica Martinez and I drove up to the EliteFTS Compound to train with the group there. Mickey had just competed at the IPF Raw Challenge the day before, and over the weekend Brandon Smitley, Chris Janek, Marshall Johnson, Sheri Whetham, and Christine Brass all competed and did awesome (I know somehow I forgot someone and I'm gonna hate myself when I remember lol). On Saturday I squatted with Mario and Bruce (my old training partners who have been traveling up to the compound a lot as of late, which has been awesome). I worked up in full gear for the first time since November, and squatted 700 easy (my meet PR is 716), with borrowing Todd's briefs and still making some mistakes with my upper back. We cut it there and then did some deadlifts. 635lbs was the easiest it's ever been and I stopped there as well. Todd Brock has been really stressing that we don't need to be destroying ourselves each session, and it's already positively affecting training (who woulda thunk)..

A. Squat in Metal Jack Squatter & Metal All Black Knee Wraps - Worked up to 700lbs x 1


*My hip strength has been steadily improving. I'm getting better at driving through my heels, but I've still been letting my upper back round forward. I've got some different things I'm going to use to help with breaking those bad habits and concentrating on keeping my back upright (which will shorten my ROM and make these squats much faster).

B. Deadlift in Metal Jack Deadlifter - Worked up to 635lbs x 1


C. TruSquat (John Meadow's new machine he brought in) - 4x20

D. Banded Back Extension Machine - 3x20

E1. Seated Rows w/ Tsunami Bar Attachment - 3x15

E2. Spud Strap Ab Pulldowns - 3x10


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