*3 Weeks Out from RPS Lexen Spring Fling*

This past Sunday I went up to EliteFTS to train and was able to see a lot of the crew I haven't seen in a few months. It's great as always to see everyone and get some good critique. This day was several sets of submax triples in my full gear followed by a double and a single; followed by pulls against heavy band tension. I've never done triples before in full gear (let alone several sets), and it was definitely tough even with submax weights. The weights moved well, I just need to work on staying more upright on squats, which I know will make a huge difference on my max attempts. I need to take my time and make sure my lats and abs are set and my feet are lined up under the monolift correctly (I've been walking out most of my squats this training cycle). Overall the work went well and it'll be good to see how this training cycle culminates for meet day in a few weeks..

Warm-Up: 5 mins on exercise bike

A. Squat in Metal Ace Briefs & Jack Squatter





B. Deadlifts vs Strong Bands + Average Bands (lot of band tension)


6x1 w/ 315

3x3 w/ 225

C. Spud Strap Pulldown Abs - 4x10

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