*5 Weeks until RPS Lexen Spring Fling*

Tuesday was the second week of rotating in Good Mornings into my heavy lower day. I continue to be awful at these, and am trying to be patient as I work on building strength in my mid-upper back to keep myself from rounding over. I've been really trying to keep my back arched and push my butt back to load up my glutes and hamstrings. I worked up to 5 sets of triples, with 60 more lbs than I did the first week (2 weeks ago). I've been trying to find the balance between getting low enough without losing tension in my back. It's a work in progress..

A1. Isometric Planks (regular, side plank, bird dog) - 3 sets of 15 seconds each in a row

A2. GHR - 3 sets of 6

B. SS Yoke Bar Good Mornings - 5 sets of 3 w/ 330lbs


C1. Standing SS Yoke Bar Upper Back Extensions - 4 sets of 10 w/ 205 lbs (example video below)


C2. Hack Squats - 4 sets of 12

D1. GHR w/ hands behind head - 3 sets of 8

D2. Heavy Cable Pulldown Abs - 3 sets of 10

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