*7 Weeks from RPS Lexen Spring Fling*

Today's training was Good Mornings with the SS Yoke Bar and lower body assistance work. I've never done good mornings regularly before, and I'm confident they'll make a big difference as I get stronger at them. This first week was just trying to get used to the movement and get an idea where I'm at weight-wise. After watching the video and talking with Todd, I did a decent job of sitting back but definitely need to get my back lower next round (I do these again in 2 weeks). 

Warm-Up: 5 minutes on bike

A1. Lying Hamstring Curl Machine - 3x20

A2. Isometrics - Bird Dog, Plank, Side Plank - 3x10 secs each.

B. SS Yoke Bar Good Mornings - 5x3 w/ 270lbs


C1. GHR w/ hands behind head - 3x8

I've gradually been getting stronger at these. Working on slowly progressing to harder variations every time I can get 10 with good technique.

C2. Close Stance Hack Squat - 3x15

D1. Pulldown Weighted Abs w/ Strap - 3x10

Used short ROM and worked on going slow and pushing abs out tight like during a squat.

D2. Lat Pulldowns w/ Strap - 3x12

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