Video: SS Yoke Bar Pin Squats & Conventional Speed Pulls

I just recently purchased an SS Yoke Bar for our facility at Ohio University, and used it today for dynamic effort squats before doing some conventional speed pulls. I've been doing triples for speed pulls and alternating between sumo and conventional each week to do something different. Then every time I come back to a lift again (every other week) try to increase weight, sets, or reps.

A. SS Yoke Bar Pin Squats vs. Pro Average Bands - 10x2 w/ 290lbs + bands (in Metal Ace briefs)

*Still working on arching harder and not getting pitched forward in the hole.

B. Conventional Speed Pulls vs. Quad Pro Mini Bands - 8x3 w/ 315+bands

C. Dead Stop Bent Over Rows (Pendlay Row) - 4x10 w/ 135lbs

*First week doing these and really trying to keep my back arched the whole time. My lats were cramping with just 135lbs.

D. Hanging Leg Raises (legs straight) - 4x10

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