I moved my normal Saturday squat workout to today, so I can do some car shopping tomorrow. My car is on death's doorstep and with potentially doing a meet in May I want to make sure I can get up to the EliteFTS Compound as much as possible. I've still been struggling with my squat technique when I'm doing wide stance squats in briefs in a rack at work (without a good spotter). I think I'm just being overly hesitant sitting back and it just turns into a mess. Obviously using the SS Yoke Bar will pitch you forward slightly under heavy weights but I shouldn't be shifting forward as much as I am. I think my foot placement in relation to the bands may have something to do with it too, so I may look at setting up the bands differently in the rack next time. Not the prettiest squatting today, but some tough work regardless..

Today was M.E. Lower @ Ohio University:

Warmup: Hip Airplane & Goblet Squats

A1. GHR - 3x6

A2. Straight Leg Abs on GHR - 3x8

B. SS Yoke Bar Box Squats in Metal Ace Briefs vs. Pro Average Bands (like ~200lbs at the top? - I'm horrible at trying to decipher the band charts. Whatever it was it sucked and felt like a lot)


330+bands x 3

380+bands x 2

420+bands x 2

Change grip to holding camber (still not sure if this was a good idea, but it sucked)

330+bands x 3

380+bands x 2

330+bands x 3

C1. SS Yoke Bar Arch Back Good Mornings - 3x10 w/ 240lbs

C2. Rear Leg Elevated Split Squats - 3x12 w/ 35lb kettlebells


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