For today's dynamic effort box squats I changed up the pace and did 5 sets of 5. I'm continuing to use the SS Yoke Bar to take some pressure off my shoulders/elbows and force me to keep working on my upper back strength. I followed that with sumo pulls in the rack vs. doubled mini bands and after doing my normal sets of triples worked up to a couple easy singles. I haven't done a max pull yet in my deadlift suit recently but I think conventional will still be my strongest style when I test things here in a few weeks. Regardless, working on sumo helps build my other lifts and is a nice change of pace for my back. I also finally got a new car, so I should be able to make more frequent trips to the EliteFTS Compound to train. I'm going to the Sports Performance Summit this weekend, and am really looking forward to learning a lot from a great lineup.

Today was D.E. Lower @ Ohio University:

A1. GHR - 3x6

A2. Straight Leg GHR Situps - 3x10

A3. Hip Airplane - 3x10 each side

B. SS Yoke Bar Box Squats vs. Pro Average Bands - 5x5 w/ 290+bands. (in Metal Ace briefs)

C. Sumo Deadlifts vs. Doubled Pro Mini Bands

405+bands x 3 x 5

455+bands x 1 x 2

500+bands x 1 x 2

(overhand kept catching on my leg/shorts, I think I need to adjust where I grip on sumo. Not having chalk didn't help my cause either)


D1. GHR - 3 sets of as many reps as possible

D2. Seated Neutral Grip Cable Rows - 3x12

E. Hanging Leg Raises - 3x10


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