Mon, 9 July 18

Upper @ Healthy Baller

Viking Press











This went MUCH better than it did two days ago.  Part of it may or may not have been due to using a little bit different setup in the rack vs. with the landmine, but a bigger part of it was definitely due to doing a better job keeping tight through my midsection and not losing all my air.  I could have kept going up here, but I was actually somewhat worried I was going to wreck the bar or the rack or some combination of the above.  I most likely won't be training this at work anymore because of this.

Meadows Rows/Plate Front Holds

10ea x 45

6ea x 70

8ea x 90/30 sec x 45

8ea x 100/30 sec x 25

8ea x 110

The front holds were bothering my right shoulder only when I released to let it down.  Since I could still feel it a little bit after though, I limited myself to 2 sets today.

Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns/Banded DB Floor Press

10x140/8x70 + light

10x140/8x75 + light

10x140/8x80 + light

The floor presses were much easier today than last week.  Who would have thought that a bunch of strict pressing would fry my triceps so much?  I'll be trying out another new place to train later this week for my primary lower day in an effort to make the setup for car DL simulator easier.