Visit to River City Barbell

On Sunday morning I went over to River City Barbell in northern Kentucky (about 20 minutes from me), to check it out and train. It seems like a really well-equipped facility with some strong lifters (and over 100 people train there now at different times throughout the week). 

I'm still looking at different options (and have a few more gyms to check out), but I'm considering training there on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and then doing my assistance work and basic training at UC during the week. The biggest thing I go back and forth on is something I'll mention in other log, which is my thoughts on training in crews from doing it a lot over the past 8 years.

Training-wise, this is what I did at River City:

A. GHR - 3x6

B. Buffalo Bar Box Squats in Briefs -  8x2 w/ 315+120 in chains

C. Belt Squat - 4x8

D. GHR w/ 20lbs Chain - 4x6

Joe Box Squat

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