Mon, 15 Oct 18

Upper Work Capacity and Stability Training

Strict Log Press

complex x 85





All sets done with a 5 sec negative and the 5 works sets were done with about 30 sec rest between sets.  This was a bigger jump than I was planning from last week's weight, but after Saturday went better than expected and I tested out the initial weights I had planned to use today and they felt too easy, I made an executive decision.  I'm satisfied that my choice wasn't a dumb one because my shoulder felt good and worked well and I hit the volume range I was aiming for.  I'll stick with the same weight next week and shoot for more volume, but fatigue will still govern when I stop.

Seated Close Grip Cable Low Rows/DB Kickbacks

10 sec hold + 10x100/---

10 sec hold + 10x145/12ea x 20

2x{10 sec hold + 10x145/10ea x 25}

I picked kickbacks to work both triceps as well as isometric shoulder extension a the top.  Shoulder extension felt fine so I'll probably sub this out next week for something more helpful.

Low Incline PVC Bench Press/DB Curls

15x100/10ea x 45

15x140/10ea x 45 - Video of bench

12x140/10ea x 55

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I'm almost ready to bump PVC bench up from low to high incline.  I've been using a single length of 1.5" PVC for this type of exercise for years and only ever broken one of them, ironically when it fell over on the floor from where it was leaning on a wall.  I beefed it up by adding 2 more smaller diameter PVC pipes inside it after seeing a post from Jo Jordan.  I wanted to increase the durability of the PVC bar because I'm doing more weight for more reps than I usually do with this, probably because I am pressing less weight at the start of my training due to fixing my shoulder so I'm less fatigued than I have been in the past.  I should note here that this is a much less safe and less cool way to improvise a bandbell and that at some point in the near future, I plan to upgrade my home gym with the addition of said bandbell.  But for now, PVC is what I've got.  And it's still way better than a "war bar."


6ea x 6 sec pause