Sat, 19 May 18

Events @ BSG

I rolled out to train at Brute this morning after the vows were spoken, but before the bride was smooched.  I did my best to match the pomp and circumstance of the event with my own brand of nonsense while training for USS nats.

Beltless Circus DB C&P

band warmups

4x115 - 2xR, 2xL

8x115 - 4xR, 4xL

4x135 - 2xR, 2xL

4x155 - 2xR, 2xL

2x175 - 1xR, 1xL

4x175 - 2xR, 2xL

Usually I hate beltless training and I have tried it multiple times over the years with different parameters to "work my core more," but I never get any stronger and usually tend to have more nagging minor injuries.  One exception to this though is circus DB.  I won't do a whole block of beltless training for it, but doing it does seem to have a direct effect on me getting stronger at this event.  I also think that this is the heaviest I've ever gone here beltless before and I know it's the heaviest I've done without wrist wraps.

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Tire Flip/Sled Drag Medley

5 flips x 617

5 flips x 700/50' x prowler + 290

5 flips x 700/50' x prowler + 310

The tread on the 617 tire made it much more difficult to flip than the weight, or maybe it's just cause I am a rusty trombone at flipping tires because 700 also felt harder than it should have even though it is essentially a perfect specimen of what a flipping tire should be.  At least the drags weren't too bad.

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Atlas Stones

1x250 to 48"

1x290 to 48"

1x335 to 48"

1x350 to 48"

1x370 to 48" - 1st stone video

0x410 to 48"

0x425 to 48"

1x290 to 56", 1x335 to 52", 1x350 to 48", 1x305(?) to 48" - 2nd stone video

This was a solid day of stones.  Working up with singles felt great and both the 410 and 425 were coming of the ground easy, but kept slipping each time I tried to lap them because even though we wiped them down, they were still pretty dirty cause the big balls don't see much action.  Then the series at the end went great except that we thought the last stone was 380, but when I went to load it I discovered it was definitely lighter than that (which you can hear me bitching about in the video while I was loading it).  I got to train stones with BSG's very own Andrew Pepiot today and had help with cleaning, setup, and video from Phoebe and Jenna so thanks to all y'all cause it made training more productive.

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