In this training log, I will lightly discuss my diet plans for the offseason but am in no way shape or form a nutritionist or Registered Dietician. What works for me may not work for you! I am receiving help and guidance from a friend who has much more experience than I do.


Wow, today was a son of a bitch. Volume on volume. For the next five weeks or so, my main goal in training will be volume, and lots of it. I'm doing this for a couple reasons.

  1. I need to build up my work capacity. I usually am absolutely dead after five reps of anything so this will help get me back in shape.
  2. I want to improve my body composition. I am receiving help from my buddy Tom with my diet to help aid in increasing my muscle mass while slowly losing body fat. I know everyone says it can't be done, but it can (it just takes time and patience). I also received some advice from Ben Hartman and David Allen for hypertrophy work and will implement that into my training. I woke up at about 222lbs this morning so I'll do a weekly update on my energy levels, body composition etc.
  3. Sometimes, killing yourself in the gym is fun.

I will slowly decrease the volume over time and start adding more weight but for now, it's all about the pump and contraction.

For my lower body, I will be hammering front squats. This doesn't mean I will be neglecting my hamstrings or posterior chain because as a multiply lifter, that can't happen. Front squats will enable me to build up my weak ass back as well as my quads. I usually neglect both of these which means I absolutely SUCK at front squats. Usually whatever you suck at, you should do more of.

Okay so I'm still absolutely trashed from training so here's what I did:

Front Squats-
10x10 w/ 150lbs (I did however split this up into two rounds of 5x10 with minimal rest in between sets. My good friend Matt Taylor braved the storm with me so we just went back and forth with our sets.)

Leg Press-
Set 1- 3 plates per side for ten reps, added fourth plate per side for ten more reps - 20 total
Set 2 - 4 plates per side for ten reps, added fifth per side for ten more reps - 20 total
Set 3 - 5 plates per side for ten reps, strip set with ten reps at each plate

Lying Leg Curl (Single Leg - 3 second eccentrics)-

Laid on ground for 7 minutes. Went home. Still trashed. Excited to see how I'm handling the volume down the road when I don't feel like a fat piece of shit who has to use his albuterol after one set.