So as you may know, these next few weeks of training are dedicated to the pump. I want TUT, slow eccentrics, all the good shit. I suck as a "body builder" but I've really been trying to use the mind/muscle connection, actually FEELING the muscle stretch, contract and so on and so forth. I obviously mix it up but you get the picture.

I also try and pick up different ideas on HOW I can switch it up. I read my teammate Joe Sullivan's log and saw he did timed DB flat bench. Three sets, each 60 seconds long. I also saw he used 100lb DBs for all three sets. I was like, okay I know he's strong as shit so driving to the gym I'm thinking in my head, "I can definitely do 70 pounders." When I actually got to the gym, I decided to be more conservative and go with 55 pounders because I know my endurance is basically in the negatives. My FIRST set I could barely make it the 60 seconds. I thought to myself, "How'd that motherfucker use 100 lbs for 3 whole sets??" So I dropped my ego (and the weight) and reminded myself it's not about how much I'm lifting right now, it's about actually training the muscle. So Joe, I give you props man. That shit is ridiculous. I'll catch up to you in about ten years. Here was my workout today:

A: Dumbbell Flat Bench for Time (3 sets at 60 seconds each. My pecs were also burning so fucking bad I couldn't even focus on counting my reps. I also didn't even make it to 60 seconds on my last two sets. Shame on me, I know.)
Set 1- 55lbs x ??

Set 2- 50lbs x ??
Set 3- 45lbs x ??

B: Slight Incline Dumbbell Flys (5 Second Eccentric- My pecs have felt super tight for quite some time so I was really trying for a deep stretch with lighter weight.)
Set 1- 20lbs x 10 then x5 with normal tempo

Set 2- 20lbs x 10 then x5 with normal tempo
Set 3- 40lbs x 15 with normal tempo

C: Dips w/ Body Weight

D: Machine Shoulder Press
3x20 Really focusing on SQUEEZING my delts instead of just muscling out reps

E: DeFranco Seated DB Power Cleans (I added a press too) Julia Ladewski showed me these last year and these are a favorite of mine for shoulders. Here's the link in case you aren't familiar.
20lb DBs 3x15

F: Prone Shoulder Press (these destroy my rear delts)
8lb DBs 3x15

G1: Seated DB Curl- Alternating Arms (REALLY focused on stretch and contraction here)
20lb DBs 2x15

G2: EZ Bar Curl
I don't know how much weight 2x10

H: Hartman Horror Tricep Ladder
This is the name I gave these shown to me by Ben Hartman. You use a rope for push downs. Start at a lighter plate and do ten reps. Go up a plate after every ten reps until you can't get 10 anymore. Then go back down the ladder to each plate and do 10 at each one. Focus on really "throwing" the weight down with force while contracting the tricep. This gives me a ridiculous pump with lots of blood in my elbows to end off the workout.

So after writing all this down, it definitely seems like a lot (at least to me). I did get all of this done within about an hour and fifteen minutes. I kept rest times minimal to keep my heart rate up and the sweat a-flowin'. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave in the comments! I want to try some crazy shit the next few weeks so give me some ideas!