Week 2 / Day 1 - Squat Opener



  • Bar x 20
  • 155 x 10
  • 335 x 1 - added briefs
  • 515 x 1
  • 695 x 1 - added suit bottoms

and thats where the wheels fell off. Enough pain for me to need help coming from beneath the bar and walking me off to the side. Couldn't bend over to take my gear off so I just stood there while the others did it for me.

So I'm not doing the meet. Even if I some how made it through the squat theres no way I'd pull over 700 with the amount of pain I'd be in and my pain pills weren't even putting a dent in it.

I'm going to have to see some docs and find out whats going on and how to fix it. I see a lot of rehab in my future if I have the patience.


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