Week 3 - Deload

Unintentionally, this planned deload ended up on the week of Thanksgiving. That worked out kind of perfectly really. The extra time off has meant lots of extra calories and sleep. Makes for a nice recovery week before a final tuneup and cruising into the meet.

Day 1 - Squat/Deadlift

1. SS Yoke Squat - 285 for a few doubles. Didn't really keep track just did it until everyone else was done squatting and figured that was enough.

2. Deadlift - 315 for a few singles. Same deal here. Just singles until it felt right.

3. Buffalo Bar Squat - 2 x 2 @ 405. I went up this heavy because I wanted to get some extra practice in my new wraps. I like the Kraits, but they are pretty extreme. Needed some extra practice. 2 sets was enough to feel very comfortable and know that I can confidently use these.

4. Planks - 3 x 30 seconds

5. TKE - Orange bands for 3 x 15 per leg

Day 2 - Bench

1. Bench - 3 x 2 @ 225. Upper body feeling really good.

2. Swiss bar floor press - 135 x 4 x 5

3. SS Yoke JM Press - 4 x 8 @ 115

4. Rope pressdown/Hammer Curl Super set

Day 3/4 - Mostly skipped!

I did a super fast workout before we left for Thanksgiving, some chin ups, lat pull downs and some bicep work but otherwise skipped these. Deload+holiday = Skipping sessions. No big deal.


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