Week 4 Day 2 - Squats w/chains

  • Before today I already knew I would have to moderate on how much I would push my knee do to my squatting last week heavy. It seems that if I take a "down week" then do a "push harder" week my knee does ok. This was suppose to be a down week i.e. - leg press, leg curls, leg ext, box step ups, stuff like that. No primary squats movements but....we had some wonderful guests all the way from Kentucky show up today while they were in visiting family in NC. So I had to try and squat anyway....

Straight Bar Squats

  • elitefts knee sleeves
  • P2 Lever belt
  • Metal Ace Briefs
  • 100#'s of chains used on all sets

1 x 135 - 2
1 x 185 - 2
1 x 225 - 2
1 x 275 - 2
1 x 315 - 2
1 x 365 - 2
1 x 405 - 8
1 x 405 - 8

Leg Curls

5 sets x 12 reps each set


3 sets x 10 reps each set

This was really I had time for and my knee was ready to explode so I stopped there and rapped knees and helped out.

Matt and Kelley and their beautiful daughter was in NC visiting family about 30 min away and came in to get some squats and check out our gym. Kelley is an awesome strong raw lifter with the world at her feet in the future. She is still new to the sport but making gains like crazy. Today she smoked 400 pound raw squat like it was an empty bar. Matt in his own right is a very strong and young up and coming raw lifter. He hit a huge PR raw squat today with 765 pounds! I must say it had to be the Nebobarbell knee wrap lol! After squats we all went out to FATZ to eat and do some catching up. We had a great time with them and look forward to seeing them again. Great day....



Iron Mafia out of Kentucky at Nebobarbell tonight training. Such an honor to have Matt and Kelli Allen train with our Team tonight....

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