Coming back from an injury can be tough thing (and is) but it can also be gratifying. Gratifying, if you can come back from that injury. I have had several injuries and a handful of surgeries to rehabilitate from through out my powerlifting career. Each time I came back. Each time I came back better and stronger. Each time I came back hungrier to prove to myself I could and to prove to others that thought I could not, that I could. The mental fortitude this build for an individual is amazing. Not everyone deals with loss, injuries, lack of success, whatever, well but the ones that can....well that's another type of animal itself.

I'm not special. Not one bit. My father raised me in tough love, hard work, chores, ass whooping's and a couple times when I needed it some physical grab me up out of my shoes moments that brought my dumb ass back to reality. Things that molded me into who I am today. I don't make excuses. I don't make bold predictions. I don't blame others for my mistakes. All these things, my Father taught me with his tough love. I carried this over into my everyday life as a Father myself, a Coach, a Teammate, a friend and in my position at my job.

No one is going to help you if your not going to help yourself. None is going to believe in you if you don't believe in yourself. No one is going to follow a follower. I understand not everyone is a leader or an alpha but that does not mean that you have to be a pussy, a quitter or an excuse box. Injuries, struggles and hardships are a part of life. How you deal with them dictates who you are, what your made of and what you will do next if or when you can overcome them. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and making excuses. Trust me there are folks out there all over the world with way worse problems then you or I have that would trade with our simple ass problems in a heartbeat. Suck it up butter cup and get to grinding or get the fuck out of the way....

Rev Band Multiply Bench

1 x 225 - 1
1 x 315 - 1
1 x 405 - 1
1 x 515 - 1

Added Metal Jack Shirt
Added 3board

1 x 605 - 1

Added 2board

1 x 675 - 1
1 x 700 - 1

Added 1board

1 x 730 - 1

OHP Machine

5 x 10

DB Shrugs

5 x 20

Seated Chest Press

10 x 10

Pec Dec

5 x 10

Fat Bar Pressdowns

5 x 20