My second favorite day of the week (bench press is #1 of course!)....

This is the day I get to put extra work in on those weak areas I need brought up and really get that pump going, Lol....
There are 4 things that help my bench press go up:

1. Big Back
2. Strong Shoulders
3. Clydesdale Triceps
4. A bad ass motherf**king attitude

I like or should I say love having all four going for me. With a bum shoulder I cant do some of the things that I used to but I can still do some things. Overhead presses with DB's, Fatbar, Regular Bar, Plate Loaded Machine we have, I do variations of these movements all the time. When my OHP is on my bench is really on. This movement works the crap out of my shoulders and triceps. I did a ton of volume of other shoulder triceps stuff today too to really get the blood pumping. Get that OHP and Incline Press better and I bet your bench press gets better. Try it....

Seated OHP with Fatbar

1 x bar - 10
1 x 135 - 10
1 x 185 - 10
1 x 225 - 10
1 x 275 - 10
1 x 315 - 9 grrrrrr!

Seated Banded Face Pulls

5 x 20

DB Shrugs

5 x 40

Seated DB Raises

5 x 20

Standing OH DB Triceps Ext

10 x 20