I know there is always a lot of discussion and talk about deloading, why do it, if you were training properly you would not need it, it is stupid, it is a waste of time, be a man you don't need it, blah blah blah.

Well its been a part of my training for over a decade now. I don't give a damn what "they" say. I do this for me and it helps my body, it helps recharge my batteries, it also allows my body to take a much needed break from the main three movements and fuel my thirst at the end of the delaod week to get back after it again.

Do what works for you in this regard. If you don't need a few days break from the main three, then by all means, do you. But if you do and don't because so and so said not to then your stupid. Me, my body loves me afterwards and it does nothing but help me.

The extent of this week is rehab, blood flow, rehab, rest, rehab, no main movements and rehab....


6 total sets of 10 swings

Shoulder Horn

5 x 10

Banded Shoulder Stretch

3 x 10 seconds

Mini Band Pull A Parts

3 x 20

Hanging Stretches

3 x 20 seconds

Foam Roller
Rumble Roller
Body Tempering - head to toe
Body Buffering - head to toe