*DB Shoulder warm-up

Bench (Hammer Strength benches are awful}

  • bar x 40 x 2
  • 135 x 10
  • 185 x 10
  • 225 x 10
  • 275 x 3
  • 315 x 2
  • 365 x 1
  • 405 x 6 - catapult
  • 425 x 5 x 2 - catapult
  • 315 x 6

DB Row

  • 100 x 10 x 4

DB Overhead Extensions

  • 40 x 10 x 3

Jobe's 3 way

  • 10 x 10 x 4

I had to train at the base fitness center of Ft. Gordon today, and while I'm very happy I had a place to train, I found the management and organization of the facility to be lackluster. I found employees sitting on the couch up front rather than cleaning or organizing a cluster fuck of plates and dumbbells that were all over the place and had no rhyme or reason as to where to be placed. It set my OCD into a tailspin and I started organizing shit between sets. On top of that a couple of douche bags left plates on a bench and wandered off as an older retired soldier had to strip the bar to use it. I helped him do so and apologized for the jackasses that left it loaded. He thanked me for my time and shook my hand as I left the facility.

It just seemed to me that not enough people, management, staff or soldiers/marines/airmen/seamen, took enough pride in their facility to hold each other accountable and to make it a better place for EVERYONE to train, from the newly enlisted all the way up to the retired service member.