I must admit I hate doing these "light" "rehab days". I hate getting older. I hate being injured. I hate having surgeries. I do like, lifting, training, doughnuts, winning, breaking pr's, doing what many cant, being a man and being a daddy! With that said the "hates" do not out weigh the "Likes"!

Over coming adversities can make you stronger than you ever have been with the correct thought process, decisions being made, training layout, keeping pride under control, still having that desire and push to be great and so on. I am slowly doing all of these and more. I have a great support system. I have a great gym. I have a great Team. No a great FAMILY!

Let me take a moment and talk about my gym or better yet my family....My gym is not like most and I like that. No turmoil. No hating. No bickering. No back stabbing. Not trying to be something we are not. We are first and foremost a family. We support each other at the highest level. We do everything together, meaning outside the gym. Movies, birthday parties, weddings, super bowl, dinner, fund raisers and more. I love that. Each of these individuals are like my blood to me and even though they are not....they are to me. I have 25 members at Nebobarbell. 11 of them are teenagers! Almost half. All of them are like my own children. I support each of them and they do me and each other. There is so much diversity in our gym its crazy but we make it work.

My team is not trying to be hardcore, or tough, or act bad ass. My Team is about having fun, getting stronger and helping others. Live. Learn. Pass on. This is what I teach them from day one and everyday after. To be a successful team you have to work together, help each other, believe in one another and give back. They do this. We do this. We may not be the flashy hardcore group but if you need our help believe me we will help you. If you are by yourself at a meet and you need your knees wrapped we got you. If you need support we are there to cheer you on. If you want advice of any kind we will help if we can. If you want to have fun then join in with us. We are a family first and a team second....

Enough soppy stuff here is what I did today to get better:

Leg Press

5 sets

DB Lunges

5 sets

Yolk Walk

3 trips

Leg Culrs

10 sets

Foam Roller
Knee Flossing
Car Buffer