Again these days are becoming my favorite days. No heavy lifting, nothing getting hurt or bothered on my body and I get to think im jacked for a day....

I am really using these days to my advantage. I can focus on my knee, my shoulder, my grip, my back and my hamstrings. Plus it gives me the chance to work on my teen athletes and pretty much put them through hell.

My teen athletes are awesome. I remember being a teenager and having all kinds of energy, not needing sleep, going all day and night and feeling invincible. Those days are long gone but its fun to see them like this. Trust me when they leave they don't....

Heres what I did today:

  • 30 min foam rolling and stretching
  • band pullaparts
  • cheer leaders
  • knee flossing
  • sledge hammer shoulder stuff

Leg Curls

100 total reps

Hack Squats

100 total reps

Yoke Carry

4 trips down and back

DB Shrugs

100 total reps

Bicep Machine

100 total reps

Tricep Machine

10,000! reps


5 sets