I have been working on this Metal Jack shirt now for about 4 years now truth be told. Modifying the arms (cutting off a 1/4 inch at a time, now at 2 full inches cut off), stretching the arms with footballs (this last time for around 4 straight weeks) - this allows my forearms to get blood to them. My forearms are really big but get bigger the longer I spend in the shirt, so stretching the arms at the ends helps prevent this problem, I have also had the back of the sleeves tighten up for more triceps support for more pop. To some this may seem stupid but these bench shirts are not custom made so there is some tinkering involved. I had to do this with my Metal Ace which I hit 800 and 805 in consecutive meets in till it finally blew out after 6 years and thousands of lifts taken in it (I really really miss that shirt). This Metal Jack is an 800+ shirt now. I am not ready for 800+ full range just yet but I am getting back to that point. When I am ready this shirt will be waiting and ready to take me to a PR....

Rev Band Multiply Bench-Press

raw warm-ups
all on 2board

1 x 225 - 1
1 x 315 - 1
1 x 405 - 1
1 x 515 - 1

Added 3board

1 x 605 - 1

Added 2board

1 x 700 - 1
1 x 785 - 1
1 x 835 - 1

Seated Rows

5 x 10

Seated Face Pulls

5 x 20

DB Shrugs

5 x 20

OHP Machine

5 x 20