Multiply benching has kinda been my things for sometime now. I love the thrill of 700, 800, 900 pounds hovering over your face. I love the thought in your mind that you are fully in control as you lower that kind of weight. I love the constant challenge geared lifting in a shirt provides you with. I love that you see 1000 pound squatters and 800 pound deadlifters a dime a dozen these days but those 500+ raw benchers and 800+ multiply benchers a re still a rare breed at powerlifting meets and that makes me happy. I have done both a few times at meets. I have hung my hat on being a pretty good bench presser for over 20 years now. Injuries and surgeries keep coming but I do my best to keep coming back. I do love the challenge and I do love to bench.

I am currently working my way back into the 700+ pound mix. I am keeping it together physically to the best of my abilities and making strides again. This entire year has been dedicated to getting back into the 700+ pound range after tearing my labrum and my pec late last year and coming back from both so far without surgery. This has not been easy but when is anything easy and who fuck wants easy. I want what most dont want to work for or can do. I want to be where I know few can survive, under hundreds of pounds of weight daring you to bring it down over your face and then press it back up over your face and come out unscathed. That's where I am heading and I am not looking back....

Rev Light Band Choked Multiply Bench

1 x 245 - 1
1 x 315 - 1
1 x 365 - 1
1 x 405 - 1
1 x 455 - 1
Added 1 board
1 x 515 - 1
Added 3board
1 x 605 - 1
1 x 655 - 1
Added 2board
1 x 700 - 1
Added 1board
1 x 730 - 1

Banded Triceps Press Downs

200 total

BB Shrugs

200 total

Seated Chest Press

5 x 20

Banded Face Pulls

5 x 40