Today was a very fun day in the gym today. High octane atmosphere, a whole lota shit talking, big weights being pulled and what I love the most - competition....

I knew this would probably be the last time I get to pull heavy before my knee surgery so I went in today both guns a blazing. I wanted a PR pull but I wanted something with icing on top too. 700 pounds....

So damn close it was not funny! The video cut off right before I pulled (thank goodness I did not get it or it would not have happened anyway right lol!) I pulled it up to my groin area right at lock out, went to finish pushing my hips through for lock out and the bar tore from my hands....My grip gave out on me. I was still stoked. I have never taken 700 pounds straight weight ever in anyway. Today was my first time but it will not be my last!

Conv Deadlift off 4" Blocks

1 x 135 - 1
1 x 225 - 1
1 x 315 - 1
1 x 405 - 1
1 x 500 - 1
1 x 550 - 1
1 x 600 - 1
1 x 680 - 1
1 x 700 - so f&*kin close - 0


5 x 10

Leg Curls

5 x 10