As my raw bench has started improving since my injury, I wanted to start adding in some more raw bench volume with some decent weight to work with. This is my first time in a very long while doing this type of volume up to this heavy of weight. Nothing impressive mind you but a baby step none the less. I have to start pushing myself a little more to see where I am at physically and mentally. Small step but a small step forward!....

Rant of the day:

To me a real Coach turns average folks into top lifters, you know, from the grass roots level, taking an unknown and working with them for years and watching them transform through time. You cant take credit for trying to establish an already established lifter who is already on their way to greatness with or without your method/system/template whatever. Thats not Coaching. Thats called great timing and marketing for you to sell your shit to the masses....Show me the grass roots lifters thats coming out of your gym moving up from nowhere, not the established athlete from 3000 miles away....

Raw Bench - Close Grip

1 x bar - 5
1 x 135 - 5
1 x 225 - 10
1 x 275 - 5
1 x 315 - 5

Seated Chest Press

5 x 20

Seated Rows with V Bar

4 x 15

Fat Bar Triceps Press Downs with Band

5 x 20

OHP Machine

3 x 10

DB Shrugs

5 x 20