Today was a very important day for my Team so I decided it would be best if I just put my training to the side so I could just Coach and make sure everyone had all of my attention for their bench.

I had them work up to a heavy 1board (within their projection) for a paused set then a slightly heavier touch and go set. All commands given with strict eyes watching butt, feet, hands, even lock out and more. No one is perfect but we do work on perfection. We hammer technique over and over and over again. Our Team takes a lot pride in their form and technique for all of their lifts.

Everyone hit there numbers and executed with precision today. The meet is coming fast and the troops are getting primed and ready!

My training Accessories I did afterwards:

Seated Bench Machine

5 x 20

Pec Dec

5 x 10

BB Shrugs

5 x 20

Banded Triceps Press Down

200 total reps

T Bar Rows

5 x 10