I have been debating long and hard about doing multiply bench only at this meet. I have really just been playing it by ear and paying close attention to my body. Shoulders are ok. Pec is much better. Everything else upper body wise has responded well this training cycle so....yes I will be. Its been 2.5 years since I have done a multiply bench only meet (that was when my Metal Ace exploded on me with my 2nd attempt). I benched 715 last March/2016 at my 3rd multiply full power meet and then had to take a token bench at my 4th multiply full meet December/2016 because I tweaked my pec something awful three weeks before the meet (I squatted 900, bench 155, deadlifted 650).

It has taken me this entire year to get back to where I am right now. I am not 100% (but when are we ever doing this sport?). I have a personal goal. I want to bench 700 plus at this meet as a SHW. I have never competed in the SHW class in 25 years. I have competed at 220, 242, 275, and 308. The personal goal of benching 700 plus as a SHW would give me 4 weight class benching 700 plus in multiply. I have benched 700 plus at these 3 weight classes currently:

700 @ 242
730 @ 275
805 @ 308

So that's the plan and the goal. I will take my opener in a few days and see how that goes and start eating my way to the SHW class!


6 total sets of 10 swings

Shoulder Horn

5 x 10

Banded Shoulder Stretch

3 x 10 seconds

Mini Band Pull A Parts

3 x 20

Hanging Stretches

3 x 20 seconds

Body Tempering

Hot Tub

20 min

Body Buffering

30 min - head to toe

Cryo Therapy

3 minutes