1. Safety Squat Bar Box squat raw 550x3
  2. Speed pulls against bands 8x1
  3. Burpees
  4. Pistol Squats


  1. DB Mil
  2. DB Shrugs
  3. Dips/with a lot of Kipppps
  4. DB low row


  1. Zercher Harness up to 585x3
  2. Speed Box Jumps x200 reps
  3. Heavy sled work
  4. abs


  1. 2BD Bench press 500x3
  2. Key Press
  3. Snatch with headband on
  4. abs

*****Raw/volume work is almost over.  Heading into gear and meet prep next week and out.  Raw feels good.  Have been breathing a lot better.  Ready to start going heavy.  Just announced our next meet at my facility June 20th.  Should be another great showing.  ****