Fri, 15 June 18

Speed @ BSG

Since adding jumps back into my 3rd gym day of the week, this is now basically a speed/power focus day.  No accommodating resistance at this point, but with jumps and snatch work that's what it is.

Seated DB Box Jumps

5xBW to 30"

3x20 to 30"

1x30 to 30"

2x30 to 32.5"

2x30 to 33.5"

2x2x30 to 35.5" - Video of 1st set, I also really wanted to call this 36".

The plan for today was to increase height with the same weight as last week.  Mission accomplished and next week the plan is to decrease the height (if needed, which I most likely will) and increase weight.

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Hang Power Snatches

barbell warmups

6x20 kg

4x40 kg

2x60 kg

2x70 kg

2x75 kg - 1st video

2x80 kg - 2nd video

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The set with 75 kg felt pretty good except for when I tripped with my left leg on the second rep.  Conversely, the set with 80 kg was complete drek and ended snatches for me thanks to how awful my technique was.

FNG Lat Pulldowns/GHR Back Extensions


DB Curls/Triceps Pushdowns

2x{10ea x 55/10x84}

I lowered the volume of assistance work because I have noticed that currently in my training I have a poor(er) performance on event training the next morning if my last gym training day is on Friday.