Fri, 5 April 19

Speed & Assistance

To say I was severely under-recovered from deads yesterday would be an understatement and a half.  I felt like my corpse was slowly going through rigor mortis throughout my day today and then trying to train in the evening after work was awful.  I was slow and sore and my technique was poo on everything.  This led to me cutting it short since my brother in law came in town for the weekend and I didn't want to be a grumpy aye hole all evening after a piss poor training day.

Box Jumps

5xBW t o24"

3xBW to 30"

3xBW to 36"

1xBW to 37.5"

1xBW to 39"

3x1xBW to 40.5"

0xBW to 42"

Forty inches felt all kinds of crooked and like I was folding myself in half to get the height instead of actually jumping higher.  Then trying 42 inches was just a joke.  I tried a few times and never even got close.  Also, every single jump felt off in terms of speed, technique, and everything else.


BB w/ups




My fat face looked like I was dying every time I stood up from catching a clean.  And granted I haven't done cleans in a long time, but these were still 98% terrible.  I was getting pretty frustrated at this point so I called it here.  Not my best work, but at least it's been about 3 weeks since I had a really crappy training day and this time I have a better reason for it happening.