Sat, 5 Oct 19

Block 3, Week 3, Day 3 - Events @ IS and the Unit

I decided to do some axle C&P today since I have been doing more log recently and that turned out to be a poor choice.  My left thumb had been a little sore all week, but not enough to really cause my to be concerned about it and no problems training.  Well it turns out that cleaning and pressing an axle was just the ticket to make some occasional minor pain into some more frequent moderate pain.  Thankfully I was smart about it and stopped when I realized WTF was going on.  Other than that though, nothing I did bothered it at all.

Axle C&J (clean each rep)

complex x 30

complex x 80

complex x 120


3x210 - Catching the clean and then doing jerks started to bother me.

3x240 - Clean was more painful and despite being easy and looking pretty technically sound on video, this was where I stopped because there was literally no point in making my thumb worse.

0x260 - Loaded the bar then decided not to do this weight.

12x110 - Clean once and strict press.  The clean felt better, but the presses started to bother me around number 10.

I headed over to my storage unit at this point since I wanted to finish training today with some bigger atlas stones.



50'x450 - Felt really good

2x50'x650 - First run felt totally awful.  Second one was much better.

50'x740 - Not half bad, just a little slow, but pretty surprised this felt so good after that first terrible feeling run with 650.

I had originally planned to do a yoke/keg carry medley here, but I didn't want to push my luck with my thumb since yoke didn't bother it at all.

Atlas Stones (to 51" platform)




5x300 - Video

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Both yoke and stones felt good today so hopefully my thumb doesn't give me too much trouble with my gym days next week.

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