Few thoughts on how we present ourselves on social media: I've had a few people over time make it clear they aren't a fan of the way I present things on social media (or me in general). I've heard my attempts to be positive being perceived as "fake", "phony positivity", "not real", etc - here's my thoughts on that.. (that I only share as food for thought for others as they decide how they want to approach social media)

Everywhere you turn, there's negativity, whether it's social media, the news, relationships, tv, etc - I think if that's what you're looking for, there's plenty of places to get it. What is usually lacking in all those places, however, is a positive outlook placed on not-so-positive situations. I'm pretty transparent about having been through some bad stuff, and having done some even worse stuff.. I've been in plenty of toxic places in my life, completely of my own doing (and I regret them all and take responsibility for each one). In the past, I used "just being real" as an excuse to stay where I was and stay caught in a spiral of negative thinking.

I'm a firm believer that the way you approach and talk about things builds momentum, both in a good or a bad direction. And there's enough broken people out there that are stuck in negative momentum (like I was), that just need some positivity and truth to help them break the cycle.

Especially since my main focus is mental health and physical performance - my goal on social media is to post stuff that helps people become better lifters and better, happier people (with a good dose of Vito and random funny stuff tossed in).

I don't expect everyone to take this approach, and I don't think it is even necessarily ideal for everyone to be the same. BUT if you want to take this approach, I think it's needed, and don't let anyone make you feel bad about it.

At the end of the day - Do you want to "be real" or do you want to be taking steps towards becoming the person you want to be someday? Just food for thought.