Wed, 5 Dec 18


Chain Axle Deficit DL (3 sets of chains, 1.5" deficit)

20x70 - No chains

10x70 - Add chains





2x320 - Still fast

2x350 - Slow(er)

2x370 - Faster again

2x400 - Same speed as 370

Band SS Yoke Bar Box Squats (avg bands)

10x65 - Add bands, then change band setup 3x




2x280 - Not bad

2x300 - Very bad

Due to the camber on the SS Yoke Bar, I had no band tension at the bottom initially with the setup I normally use for band squats.  I played around with it a little until I got it so that I had good tension in the hole with no slop (see header picture).  Note to anyone reading this: if you lose all band tension at the bottom of a squat or bench press you are trying to perform with band accommodating resistance, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.  Period.  There is no time you could ever justify this as being right.  The bands are not adding much if any resistance this way and you are just wasting time and lying to yourself and your athletes if you tell them it's doing anything more than just using straight weight.

SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises


I had to skip my other supplemental and  accessory work today because I needed to shower and get ready to head into work.  I might try to train in the afternoon after work on my early days again next week to see if it goes any better.