December proved to be an amazing meet for me! I hit my first 800+ lb. total, and went 9/9. My goal now is to beat my previous numbers by a 5-10% increase, and out-perform my last meet in every area. I am prepping for the XPC Finals in Columbus, OH. following the Minimalist/M2 Method by Brian Schwab. Brian has been my coach for just over a year now. The following logs are documenting my progress utilizing his training methods. 


This has definitely not been my week! My body is really fighting me.

My glute was better a few days ago, but I seem to have re-aggravated it. I have booked an appointment with my chiro and I am doing a lot of self-myofacial release to get things moving. But just as that was beginning to feel good, I pulled my pec minor benching today!!

I attribute that to a lack of proper hydration this week (have been really busy and honestly forgetting to drink water), and I didn't really warm up as well as I should have before getting under the bar today, so my muscles weren't too happy.

That being said though, it is pretty close to my meet and I'm not going to push things too much to avoid burning out or actually injuring myself. Just trying to take it one day at a time.



bar x bunch (felt my pecs here, but wanted to see if it would alleviate itself with some volume)




125x1 (called it a day here)



15's x 20

25's x 5

35's x 5

40's x 6 (x2)



15's x 15

20's x 15 (x2)


TRICEP PUSHDOWNS: (These were reverse with my back against a pad; much more challenging than facing the cable)

30 x 10

35 x 10 (x2)