Sun, 2 Oct 16

Block 7, Wave 2 - Events

Had to move training from Saturday to Sunday due to torrential rains.  It later turned out I could have trained on Saturday, but the level of pissed off I would be if I woke up, got ready to train, hauled my stuff to the Unit, got warmed up, got equipment set up, and then had to put it all away double time cause it started to rain would definitely not have been worth it.  I'm still hoping to be back to a place in my knee rehab where I can compete in Maryland's Strongest Man, but it's gonna be damn close if I make it.

Yoke/Farmer's Walk Medley

2x50' x 250 - yoke

50' x 110 - farmer's

50' x 340/50' x 110

50' x 450/50' x 160

50' x 540/50' x 200

50' x 650/50' x 250 - My yoke time slowed way down from 540 to 650...waaaaaaaay down.

50' x 700/50' x 250 - Happy to be able to do a 700 yoke without any drops, but I'm definitely still far from my rehab goal of returning to prior level of function in terms of my sport.  Next week will be a lighter yoke with a focus on heavier farmer's.

Car DL Simulator



5x400 + some chains

3x400 + all the chains - Added Metal Jack DL

3x490 + all the chains

3x580 + all the chains

1x760 + all the chains - Took a BIG jump up at the end because everyone was done with training and I wanted to get in at least one really heavy pull today in my suit.  Done and done.  This was a grinding, nose bleeding, eyeball exploder of a tug.


Atlas Stone Over Bar to 53"



2x280 - Stupidly did something stupid to my stupid knee which hurt enough to make me stop the set, the only smart part of this whole last set.  The pain went away quickly, but I was not trying to be a dummy and screw up myself again before even getting all the way healed up so that was all for training today.