Fri, 15 Sept 17

Upper Assistance

Sometimes my fast isn't faster than Jeff Sweet's fast.  And since I basically screwed the pooch last time I tried to do speed bench work, I opted to focus on the stuff I missed on my heavier upper day this week.  This was a good decision since just sacking up to walk out to the garage today was rough in my mentally drained state.

Axle Rows





Right biceps is still intermittently grouchy on these, regardless of hand position so I still kept the weight lighter.

Pushups/Axle Curls

3x{20xBW/10x70} - The curls were a struggle, stupid biceps.

Lateral Raise/Scapular Depression/SL ER/Pro&Sup

2x{20x10/20xBW/15ea x 5/30ea}

There was a lot of sitting and thinking and mental sludge to wade through today.  I'm glad I get some work in and adding in some of the different shoulder work helped a lot with making things feel and move better.  Next week will be a deload since I'm so low in terms of energy level right now and also since there's a lot going on in terms of schedule changes and time demands for school.