Sat, 8 Oct 16

Block 7, Wave 2 - Events (buttcrack early)

To prevent mother nature from intervening in my training, we trained at 0500 at the Unit today, well before sunrise.  Thankfully there are lights on at night so we weren't reduced to training in the glare of headlights, but still somewhat disorienting as vision is one of the key factors in being aware of where your body is in spatial relation to itself and your surroundings.

Log Clean & Jerk (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135


1x225 - I felt totally off in terms of balance on this set because looking up at a pitch black night sky in the rack position was really throwing me (and everyone else) out of whack.

2x225 - Came back and repeated the set and it was marginally better the second time, at least I got both reps.



I felt a little disoriented for all sets today due to the darkness and the heavier I went, the more it affected what I was doing.  Still not too bad in terms of my progress in my knee rehab, though I probably shouldn't have gone quite so heavy in conditions affecting my coordination.

Yoke/Farmer's Medley

60' x 250/60' x 110

60' x 450/60' x 200

60' x 450/60' x 250

60' x 450/60' x 300

My focus today was on farmer's for the frame part of the medley at Maryland's Strongest Man.  300 per hand is the heaviest I've gone since hurting myself and it felt pretty good, but still too slow for me to really be happy with it.

Atlas Stones

2x200 to 53" - Stone over bar.

1x200, 1x240, 2x280 - Stone shouldering series.

4x280 - Stone shouldering for reps.

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The sun had finally come up while we were training the yoke/farmer's medley, by which I mean it was light out, but heavily overcast.  It started to rain right before my shouldering series so we hustled to get everything cleaned up and I just hit a few reps of shouldering at the end to get in a little more work.

I am very glad I decided to train so damn early because we ended up with 3-4 inches of rain and a lot of minor flooding in the aftermath of the major flooding that we had to deal with earlier in the week.