Tues, 1 Jan 18


Last week turned into basically an unintended deload due to working and then cooking dinner on Christmas Eve, Double Christmas on Christmas Day, working the rest of the week and then going out of town to my parents' house for another Christmas with my family over the weekend.  I was exhausted all the time and felt like hell.  The only day I got in was my DE pressing day, which was not what I wanted, but may have been what I needed.  I feel better this week so hopefully I'll be back to my normal three days of training.

I had today off from work which never really hit me until late last night because I'm pretty sure most of the many jobs I've ever had we always worked on New Years Day.  In celebration, I trained when and how I wanted with no time constraints or having to finagle my schedule.  It was glorious.

Axle C&J (clean once)

complex x 70

complex x 120






1x270 - Video



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I've been rehabbing my left shoulder since September.  It's mostly back to normal, but I've still been having some pain on cleans.  As such, I've been doing more axle work lately, but all DO power cleans - no continentals yet.

Today everything felt really good.  So good in fact, that I worked up a little heavier than I had planned.  After 270 though, I made myself stop.  This was only 10 lbs under my all time record for a double overhand axle power clean.  I felt like I was good for at least 280, if not more...BUT this is also the first time I've been able to clean the axle with anywhere close to respectable weights with minimal shoulder issues.  AND I have no competitions coming up in the near future.  SO I made myself stop before going for a new world record with a shoulder that is still a little questionable.  If things keep progressing like they should, then I can always come back and go for that record sometime in the near future once I have full confidence back in my shoulder stability.

The reason I have been rehabbing my shoulder since Sept is because I was stupid and pushed to go too heavy before it was fully rehabbed from a minor rotator cuff strain.  After nationals I trained viking press 3x per week because I knew it was going to be heavy and I did not want to bomb anything at worlds.  Doing this led to an overuse injury in my left shoulder.  It was pretty minor and it didn't cause me to bomb at worlds, so pushing it during that time period was worth it to me, even knowing I would have to take 4-6 weeks to get my shoulder back to full health and feeling good again afterwards.

Then when I had been rehabbing it for about 3 weeks, the deadline for video submissions for OSG was coming up and I wanted to try to get an entry submitted.  Rather than do something of moderate weight that I could have done no problem, I decided to push it up to the minimum I considered "good" for the log clean and press 5RM.  After one rep at that weight, I had to stop because my lack of full shoulder stability was causing increasing pain with every rep and I realized I had made it worse and just reset myself back to ground zero for rehabbing it.  That was definitely not worth it.

So for all my fellow meat heads out there, when you are in the late stages of shoulder rehab, or any rehab for that matter, push and test your limits carefully in controlled situations until you are back to full function and full confidence.  Then feel free to go full potato whenever you decide it's worth it.  But pushing it too early without an exceptionally good reason is going to end badly pretty much all the time.  Even if not in that exact moment, it can instill a false sense of confidence in your rehabbed body part which may be premature...and no one likes it when you're premature.

Back to my training, picking up with the supplemental and accessory work.

Close Grip Landmine Rows







Strict Neutral Grip Pullups/Dips