Sat, 23 Sept 17

Scrongman Saturday

An actual event training day!  This was great except for finding out that my lack of strongman has made the outer layer of my body  weak and pathetic.  In addition to shredding the front of my shoulders on a pretty light tire, I also managed to blister and subsequently rip skin off my finger.  I'm pretty sure the fact that the tire was scalding hot played a factor here, but regardless, I have ripped up my hands from lots of different metal implements and equipment before, but never on a freakin tire.

Farmer's Walk (drop and repick @ 50')

100' x 110

100' x 200

2x100' x 250

100' x 270

First farmer's run at 250 was hideously slow, but the second time I got my rear in gear and cut my time by 5 seconds.  The bump to 270 didn't feel great, but it didn't affect my time more than normal with a 40 lb weight increase in a fatigued state.

Sled Drag/Tire Flip Medley

warmed up with a few flips on the tire to get it in position and a couple drags on the sled to do the same

50' x prowler + 180/4 flips

2x{50' x prowler + 270/8 flips}

I forget how easy pulling a stock prowler is compared to my modified beastly prowler.  I stopped training after I realized I had made a mess of my finger on the tire because I subsequently had to go study all weekend and writing with a ripped up index finger on my dominant hand was going to be less than ideal.

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