Fri, 30 Sept 16

Block 7, Wave 2 - Assistance I

BB Split Jerks

complex x 45

complex x 95

3ea x 105

3ea x 115

3ea x 135

I was jumping way up in the air at the start of these which makes causes a much greater need for stabilization of all joints in my trunk and legs, which is more sketchy right now since my knee is still not back to 100%.  I was able to modify my movement to focus more on the split with less jump and it definitely felt better both from a rehab perspective as well as a technical perspective.  Still baby weights, but movin on up.

OH Squat






Paused Close Grip Shoulder Saver Bench/Diagonal Band Pullaparts

2x{6x225/15ea x monster mini band}

6x245/15ea x monster mini band

The new red shoulder saver pad is a great tool to add to your bench training.  Big thank you to Dave for sending it out.  Perfect timing since I am adding more bench variations into my training to help work on getting my overhead back up during my knee rehab.

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Pronated Grip Curls/Single Leg Back Extensions

3x{15x55/10ea x BW}