The second to last week of the semester for medic school has been coming to a close and it has been total crunch time. I had to sneak in extra clinical hours to meet my requirements since I happened to fall short on a few. On top of that we have our weekly test which has some new content on identifying left and right axis deviations on a 12 lead ECG (on top of the rest of the information we've been getting rammed into our craniums). So to say that training has not been at the fore front is an understatement. I was able to get in a bench workout which happened to be a pretty stellar workout. I definitely am ready to hit it hard for squats on Sunday and start the week off right.

Although this has been one of our most challenging semesters so far (cardiology), it has been pretty awesome learning what I have been.  Learning what to do when you come up to someone that has no pulse or isn't breathing, what drugs to push when, and the amount of energy you need to surge through the heart to restore a normal heart rhythm. Understanding the pathology behind certain arrhythmias and possible treatments for each...I could go on forever. Challenging? Absolutely. Super fucking cool to have the ability to bring someone back who is clinically dead and give them a chance to possibly be with their loved ones again? Without a doubt.