Thurs, 13 Jul 17

Block 13, Wave 2 - Snatch @ ISCF

First time doing actual barbell weightlifting work in a while, at least it feels that way.  I should be doing this more, but I have been so short on time and energy and scrote lately that I've been slacking.

Hang Power Snatch

10x muscle snatch

10x OHSQ

3x from the hip

3x to the knee




3x155 - Gettin' pretty fugly.

3x3x135 -Much better.

Got some longer rest periods because I was shooting the shit with Dave, one of the owners of Iron Strong, who happens to be a pretty damn good PLer.

Shankle Complex




1x205 - Hang power clean from the hip was getting pretty idiotic at this point.

KB Bent Press/Alt. Arm Diagonal Band Pullaparts

10ea x 35/15ea x mini

2x{10ea x 50/15ea x mini}