Working on Quicker Feet with Loaded Carries (Video)

..For this day I did my hang cleans and a few power cleans, deload deadlift reps, and then took the week off from squatting (I can tell my hip has been taking a beating). I then finished with light walking chain lunges and conditioning using farmers walks and sandbag carries. My goal is to get better at moving my feet quickly while carrying a weighted object/staying tight.

Day 2 - Explosive Lower / Deadlift + Squat / Loaded Carries

A1. Reverse Hypers (light) - 3x15

A2. Med Ball Hip Toss - 3x3

B. Hang Cleans - 5x2 w/ 179lbs

C. Power Cleans - Singles up to 2x1 w/ 225lbs

D. Deadlift Deload - 425x5

E. Walking Chain Lunges - 3 trips of about 100 feet and back

F. Farmer's Walks with 225lbs - 3 trips of about 100 feet

G. Sandbag Carry w/ 200lb sandbag - 3 trips of about 100 feet and back.

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