Sun, 10 Mar 19

Assistance Day @ YMCA

I was down in Richmond for a few days and while I had stuff to do which prevented me being able to do events this weekend, I did go to the gym with my Mom, fiance, and sister today in an attempt to do something to feel better.  This is my first time doing an assistance day in a long time and I really think it is a key factor I am missing in my current training, but it may be a couple more weeks before I can attempt to return to normal.  I was just glad no one yelled at me about having my training bag with me or doing WL stuff (even though it was super light).

Hang Power Snatches

BB w/ups



4x4x115 - These were easy, but fatiguing cause I'm a fat sack of crap right now.

Supinated Grip Lat Pulldowns/CG Bench






I only did 2 sets of light bench because my right pec still feels like there's some tendonitis in there.  At least my left wrist and right elbow didn't bother me on anything.

Seated Cable Face Pulls/Triceps Pushdowns


12x55/10x95 (stack)


Not my finest work, but glad I did it and I did feel better after.